PM Narendra Modi

PM Narendra Modi criticized the attachment on Robert Fico, his Slovak counterpart, on Wednesday. The Slovak PM, Robert Fico, was shot in an assassination attempt at a political event on Wednesday. PM Narendra Modi expressed his grief over the assassination attempt on Robert Fico. He termed the attack on him as a “cowardly and dastardly act.”

In a post on his social media account on X, PM Narendra Modi said, “Deeply shocked at the news of the shooting at Slovakia’s Prime Minister, H.E. Mr. Robert Fico. I strongly condemn this cowardly and dastardly act and wish PM Fico a speedy recovery. India stands in solidarity with the people of Slovak Republic.”

Slovakia’s Prime Minister was gravely wounded. He was shot multiple times on Wednesday. The attempted assassination after a political event shocked the entire country. The news echoed all across Europe. The 59-year-old pro-Russian leader was reported to be struggling for his life after being shot in the stomach.×309/modi-fico_1715830464420_1715830534697.png

Robert Fico was addressing supporters at a political event when, during an attempted assassination, he was shot. This news spread shockwaves all across the continent of Europe. Doctors brawled for his Slovak PM Fico’s life several hours after he was hit in the abdomen. Reports were informed about where Fico was being medicated by the Defence Minister, Robert Kalina. 

The assassination attempt at the Slovak PM took place outside a cultural center in Handlova. The pictures from the political event indicated how Robert Fico was lying on the ground after being fired with five shots. Slovak’s PM was then taken away by his guards and put into his conveyance. He was rushed to hospital.

The Public RTVS television showed a stretcher being taken out of a helicopter by the medical experts. The PM of Slovak was then secured by his guards and wheeled into the hospital in Banska Bystrica. 

A spokesperson of local media reports that the suspect in the planned assassination of the Slovak PM was taken into custody. The police have not named the suspect yet. The suspected shooter is a writer 71 years of age. The son of the alleged suspect told a Slovak news site, “I have absolutely no idea what father was thinking, what he was planning, why it happened.”

The Prime Minister of Slovakia was in a severe but stable condition on Thursday, reported a hospital official. After the Slovak PM was shot five times in an attempt of assassination, it disclosed the tense political divisions in the country. PM Narendra Modi condemned the shooting attempt. PM Narendra Modi also wished the PM of Slovak a speedy recovery. 

The Director of the F.D. Roosevelt University Hospital, Miriam Lapunikova, where the Prime Minister of Slovakia is admitted, shared that the Prime Minister underwent surgery over five hours. Two teams were allotted to treat the wounds caused by multiple shots that hit the Prime Minister of Slovakia. Currently, the intensive care unit of the hospital is taking care of him.