AP Wood

AP Wood is all set to create new benchmarks with its newly launched AP Wood Carb Plywood, AP Wood Ignifugo, and AP Wood Marine Ply wooden solutions. One of the leading companies in Kanpur, AP Wood is committed to meeting the modern-day needs of the interior decorative and furniture material industry with its cutting-edge plywood and interior surface products.

The AP Wood Carb Plywood, a product that has been the biggest talk of the town in Kanpur, showcases AP Wood’s unparalleled innovation and excellence in the wood panel and furniture material industry. With unique features like minimum emission of toxic fumes, the AP Wood Carb Plywood can help architects, builders, and interior designers provide protection from unhealthy pollution common with traditional wooden products. Construction businesses and interior spaces can benefit from the E1 Certified – CARB2 Plywood of AP Wood as it limits exposure to fumes that can have several respiratory side effects.

AP Wood’s range of quality and innovative wood and home interior products include block boards, doors, plywood, and others. A third-generation business venture, AP Wood Ply has upgraded its product offering from timber to other products in the last few years. This brand kickstarted its journey back in the year 2000 and now has a brand presence in four states across North India. Over the years, AP Wood Ply has successfully delivered prestigious government and private projects in Kanpur.

AP Wood promises to bring together quality products, marketing efforts, and sale service commitments for the utmost satisfaction of their dealers. The brand empowers customers with budget-friendly plywood and interior products. Customers can now enjoy the best value and peace of mind with their latest launches, AP Wood Carb, AP Wood Ignifugo, and AP Wood Marine Ply.

Architects, kitchen makers, builders, contractors, and dealers from all over the country can partner with AP Wood company for their homes and office projects. AP Wood welcomes customers searching for a one-stop solution for the success and longevity of their home and office projects. AP Wood has a vast collection of materials to ensure durability, visual appeal, and overall quality of high-end projects.

In recent years, AP Wood has played an integral role in transforming the plywood and furniture material sector in North India. North India’s plywood and furniture material industry has seen remarkable progress over the years, with AP Wood’s newest product ranges launching in regular intervals to keep up with the markets. With an existing presence and plans for expanding its network further, AP Wood is on a mission to be a partner of growth to their channel partners.

AP Wood, with the development of furniture hubs in Kanpur and significant dependence on its wooden products, further fuels Kanpur’s growth trajectory, transforming the plywood and furniture material industry. Brands like AP Wood allow the plywood and furniture material industry in North India, especially Kanpur, to source innovative and cost-effective products like the AP Wood Ignifugo and the AP Wood Marine Ply, offering customers fire resistance and moisture resistance essential to minimize property damage and ensure longevity of interior spaces.