In-Flight Jewelry

There have been several cases of theft on the trains. However, there has been a new incident that has come into the limelight. The individual involved in the incident has been taking flights to rob people. 

He has been able to take the connecting flights and rob the people of their valuables. The count is around a total of 200 flights. He was caught by the Delhi Police after executing the theft for well over 100 days.

The incident was noticed by the Police, once they got a complaint from a woman. She was traveling from Hyderabad to the country’s capital. She objected that she had been robbed of her precious belongings worth seven lakh rupees. 

There was also another incident involving another woman. She also complained that she was robbed of twenty lakh rupees worth of valuables. 

In-Flight Jewelry

So, after going through hours of security cam footage Police were able to catch a guy named Rajesh Kapoor.  He is a resident of Paharganj in Delhi. He also uses his house as a guest house. He also has a mobile repair shop in Delhi.

He also revealed his modus operandi to the Police. Previously, he was successful with his tricks in trains. However, later on, he was caught. So, he went silent for some time and again started theft in fights. He chose flights on which elder passengers traveled. Most of the time, he selected elder passengers and women traveling alone. He also paid attention to the travelers at the boarding gate.

He also revealed that he paid attention to the baggage tag of the passengers while waiting for boarding. Then, later on, when he boarded the flight, he would request the flight attendants to change his seat. He made sure that he would sit near the targeted passengers. For the seat change, he would generally give a reason. However, sometimes seat change was purely on luck. Then, while trying to adjust his overhead luggage, he would steal the precious belongings from the passenger’s baggage.

He used to target the flights that used to travel from major airports of the country. For the flight tickets, he used a fake mobile number to escape the authorities.       

After the robbery, he used to sell his valuables to a jeweler in Karol Bagh named Sharad Jain. Also, he mainly robbed gold and silver jewelry.

Lastly, he was caught due to the complaints of the US traveler Varjinderjit Singh, who was traveling from Amritsar to Frankfurt. She was at the Delhi airport for her connecting flight from Delhi.