Chhetri Era

There have been various stalwarts in the football field for India. Sunil Chhetri has been one such player and captain of the Indian football team. However, now he is ready to play in his last international appearance. It will be against Kuwait for the qualification in the World Cup. In honor of his contribution to the nation, Indian goalkeeper Gurpreet Singh Sandhu said a few words for him during an interaction. 

He said that he has been one of the best players on the Indian football team. It will be really difficult for the Indian football team to move on. He added that it is important for the young players to step up and give their best. 

Chhetri Era

He further added that he has been able to play with the iconic player for a long time. He then said that Sunil has been a vital player on the Indian football team. He will be dearly missed in the future. However, it is also a point to note that the Indian football team has been able to perform reasonably in his absence at times.

For unknown, India was able to draw against Qatar in one of the World Cup qualifiers. Qatar is the Asia Football Cup champion in 2019 and 2024. This match was goalless, and it was played in 2019. 

Nevertheless, this year’s World Cup qualifier is one of the essential clashes for the Indian football team. It will allow them to get into the next round of qualifiers for the first time. Gurpreet also added that they will try their best to win the match for the Indian captain.

In the last two encounters, the Indian football team has been on the quieter side. They lost their match against Qatar in Bhubaneswar. In another match, they were able to draw against Afghanistan.

In order to enter the next round, they will have to finish among the top two. Presently, they are in second position with 4 points, and Qatar is leading with 12 points.

Currently, he is the third top active scorer in the world. He is behind Ronaldo and Messi. He has been able to represent India on 150 occasions. In total, he has scored more than 90 goals. So, it will be fascinating to see how many goals will he score in his next and final appearance for India. This is also the time for the appointment of a new captain for the Blue Tigers.