Kangana Ranaut

According to Kangana Ranaut, Koffee With Karan is “closed forever” since Sonam Kapoor “mocked” her for her English-speaking abilities. Kangana Ranaut has said that her years of fighting with the so-called ‘film mafia’ has ensured at least one thing –that no outsider will be mocked for their English-speaking skills.

She has also said that Koffee With Karan where Sonam Kapoor had mocked her for her English has now been ‘officially closed forever’. Also read: Kangana Ranaut manifests Waheeda Rehman’s ‘full-fledged role’, compliments Sharmila Tagore’s Gulmohar performance

Kangana once more made fun of Karan Johar and his discussion show Koffee With Karan, calling him out for nepotism, which started a never-ending spat between the two of them. On Tuesday night, the actor posted footage from an episode in which Sonam Kapoor responded to a query about a performer who needs to practice speaking English more by mentioning Kangana.

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Karan Johar was seen asking Sonam in the video, “If you had the power to grant celebrities these characteristics, who would you grant the capacity to communicate in English fluently to?” After some hesitation, Sonam praised Kangana’s sense of style before finally responding to Karan’s query with her name and leaving an impression on the audience.

In the video, Karan Johar is heard asking Sonam, “If you could bestow these traits on celebrities, who would you choose to have the ability to speak English fluently?” After hesitating for a moment, Sonam complimented Kangana’s taste in style before giving Karan her name.

In addition, Kangana posted a tape of the venerable actor Dev Anand, saying, “He was genuinely supportive of my abilities even when I was floundering. He visited me frequently and proposed me opportunities in his directorial films.”