Cholesterol Levels

According to an article published in The Times Of India, high cholesterol levels have become one of the major health concerns these days call it irregular food habits or fast-paced life. And it has become imperative for lowering high cholesterol levels too. When the levels of cholesterol reach over 200 mg/dL, it is considered high. Such cholesterol levels in the body create multiple complications such as pain in the chest and stroke too. Furthermore, it increases the chances of heart attack as well. Some even tend to have cholesterol deposits on the eyelids which are called xanthomas.

Statins Along With Exercise And A Healthy Diet Lowers Cholesterol

Generally, doctors prescribe statins for patients with high cholesterol levels. Statins are also commonly known as drugs for lowering cholesterol. It helps in giving a boost to liver functions by eliminating the lipoproteins of lower density or by removing the bad cholesterol. Thus, it regulates the cholesterol levels in the body. 

A healthy lifestyle and proper diet are also important for removing cholesterol. According to reports, when you exercise, the enzymes stimulate and support the liver for eliminating cholesterol from the blood.

Time Taken By The Body For Lowering High Levels Of Cholesterol

According to Dr. Ravindra Gupta of Gurgaon’s Birla Hospital, the levels of cholesterol can be decreased with prescribed drugs but one also needs to exercise regularly and follow a healthy diet as well. Dr. Shashikant Nigam of Apollo Hospitals says that it takes three months for the doctors to balance the cholesterol levels back to normal. But the patient also needs to make regular visits to the doctor until the level becomes normal. 

He further says that it takes about four to six weeks for statins to bring the cholesterol levels back to normal.  According to Dr. Gupta, for patients who have cholesterol levels higher than a hundred and ninety, higher dosages of statins are given to them. 

Pre-Existing Conditions

The time taken for the body to lower its cholesterol levels also depends on what pre-existing conditions the body has. If a person has heart ailment or hypertension or even diabetes then the time for bringing down the cholesterol levels in the body shall be much higher. Dr. Nigam suggests that patients must avoid certain foods such as meat, trans-fat, and any dishes which is cooked in huge quantities of oil. Even a reduction in smoking or the consumption of alcohol along with good exercise and sleep shall help.

Diet And Checkup

A proper diet and exercise are the keys to controlling the levels of cholesterol. Both Dr. Gupta and Nigam are of the view that only medicines cannot bring down the levels of cholesterol in the body unless there is a burnout of fats. So exercise is a must to do. A regular checkup is also very essential. For people who have already suffered a stroke or heart attack for them the bad cholesterol level needs to remain below 100mg.