According to an article published in The Times Of India, not many are aware of the fact that fever can also be connected to cancer. Fever happens to be the first major sign for patients (who are detected with cancer later on) to indicate that cancer has spread across the body, especially in the case of blood cancer. One of the major factors behind the spread of cancer or metastasis across different parts of the body is the ability of cancer in invading the tissues. When your body temperature increases it is an indication too that a tumor is in the process of invading a tissue. 

Pyrexia is the term that doctors use when (a person who is suspected of having cancer) a person has a fever or a body temperature rises. The general reaction of the body to any illness or infection is a rise in its temperature.

Fever Is More Prominent In Blood Cancer

When pyrexia is discovered among cancer patients it is a big indication that either the cancer has advanced or has spread across the body. According to research on cancer in the UK, can not only makes the patient uncomfortable in a major way but also becomes a thing of concern for the caregivers too. Fever or Pyrexia happens to be the symptoms of every kind of cancer. According to some research, it states that this is a symptom that is more prevalent in the case of blood cancer such as lymphoma or leukemia.

Fever For Other Common Types Of Cancer

There are various other common types of cancer such as lung cancer, breast cancer, and bowel cancer has a very less chance of raising the body temperature. These types remain silent and spread across the body damaging the cells and giving a very late reaction to the outer body. However, a report on the research on cancer in the UK states that a patient having any of these types of cancer may also experience fever if the tumor happened to have spread across the liver. This is an indication of a blockage that has been caused by cancer.

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Night Sweats And Hot Flashes

Fever is a major sign that an inflammatory reaction is happening inside the body. In a response to this, the body may sweat in order to release the heat from the body. Due to this reason patients suffering from cancer experience night sweats and hot flashes before being diagnosed.

Consulting A Doctor

It is highly advised that whenever someone experiences a fever, he must get himself examined by the doctor without delay. When a fever or infection is treated early, it can save you from suffering major complications in the future. One must also note that while undergoing cancer treatment pyrexia or fever can be a side effect of the disease and not a symptom of it. So this too must be brought to the notice of the doctor who is treating cancer so that appropriate measures can be taken timely.