Doctors’ Tips On Dialysis During Kidney Failure

According to an article published in the Hindustan Times, along with following the schedule of dialysis strictly if a patient who is suffering from kidney issues also maintains a good diet and proper hygiene then he can lead a much healthier life and less frequent hospitalizations.

Dialysis indeed happens to be a lifesaving treatment for patients suffering from kidney failures but also consumes time too. this process of treatment is not only life-changing but is scary as well. Patients are only referred to dialysis when they have reached the final stage of their kidney failure. The process of dialysis does the job of the kidney in the removal of waste materials, keeping certain levels of chemicals in the body safe, maintaining blood pressure, and also maintaining the level of some chemicals in the blood such as sodium, potassium, calcium, phosphorous, bicarbonate, and other chemicals.

Patients undergoing dialysis can maintain various measures to lessen their number of hospitalizations.

  • Abiding By The Rules Of Dialysis:The patient mustn’t miss any sessions of dialysis. According to Dr. Deepanshu Gupta who happens to be a Urologist, when a patient misses his dialysis session the toxic waste gets stored in the system leading to the severity of the health conditions.
  • Attend Hemodialysis Sessions: Each session for hemodialysis happens for four hours. One must attend to it strictly and never request the technician for reducing the number of hours. Dr. Mohit Khirbat, who happens to be a consultant in Nephrology says that it is important to get done a Fistula as early as possible.
Doctors’ Tips On Dialysis During Kidney Failure
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  • Maintaining Hygiene: According to Dr. Gupta, the practice of washing hands and maintaining good hygiene lowers the chances of frequent hospitalization. The patients must also refrain from touching the access of the dialysis site with unclean hands.
  • Prevent From Excessive Consumption Of Fluids:Dr. Suman Lata of Fortis Hospital says that the weight of the patient is always taken before and after dialysis has been done. And it also advised checking the weight every day at home. This is done to getting sure that there is no excess fluid in the body which might lead to complications.
  • Consult The Nephrologist Monthly: Dr. Khirbat says that it is important for the updation in the treatment plan and to prevent any upcoming severe issues.
  • Strict Diet: If a patient follows the diet chart as prescribed by the doctor, he will require to visit the hospital less frequently. Generally, low potassium, salt, and high protein diet are advised.
  • Caring The Access: Dr. Suman Lata says that the patient must check every day if the area around his kidneys has any infection, redness, or swollenness. He must also ensure that there is blood flow in the access every day and he feels a vibration on the fistula site.
  • Tracking The Vitals: Dr. Gupta says that it is important that the patient tracks major vitals like blood pressure and hemoglobin. These levels are important in keeping him stable and prevent from frequent hospitalizations. Good exercise is also a must. the patient must also prevent from drinking or smoking.