Many factors have an impact on one’s fertility. One of these factors is the lifestyle a person follows. In this article, we will discuss various lifestyle choices and conditions that have an impact on the fertility of a person.

Fertility is the referred to the person’s ability to reproduce their offspring. Any problem in the reproduction process can cause infertility, so one should take care of their diet in order to maintain a healthy pregnancy.

As per experts, if a couple is unable to naturally reproduce without the use of birth control while indulging in sexual activity for 12 months then this is called infertility. Infertility could be in any of the two partners.

There are many reasons why the male or the female can be infertile. The factors responsible for infertility could range from medical conditions to lifestyle problems. If one is suffering from such a condition they could consult an expert to get an insight of their situation and then proceed to take necessary steps.

Not all the factors influencing fertility could be controlled by us. However, one can make changes in their lifestyle by choosing and doing things in a better way to avoid such negative impacts.

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Following are some of the lifestyle conditions and choices that you can control that influence your fertility.

Proper diet:

  • The type of food you eat can influence your hormone levels. This directly impacts the fertility of a person.
  • Avoid opting for sugary, saturated fat, or unhealthy snacks and meals to avoid any other health issues. It affects your hormones and that can ultimately lead to fertility issues.
  • Opt for healthy food options rich in fruits, vegetables, protein, and other necessary food items that can affect fertility.

Managing stress:

  • Stress has effects on the hormone, ovulation, and sperm production.
  • The effect of stress on the reproduction system can impact fertility greatly.
  • The sex drive is greatly influenced by your stress level.
  • To manage stress one might indulge themselves with meditation, yoga, and other relaxing activities. Practice these activities regularly to improve stress management capabilities. 

Smoking and alcohol:

  • Smoking has many health hazards, one of them being infertility.
  • It is seen that excessive alcohol consumption has an impact on both male and female reproduction systems.
  • It impacts greatly affects the reproduction system and the overall fertility as well.  
  • Smoking can have an impact on the DNA of the sperm and eggs, affecting the reproduction and the child.
  • It also increases the chances of damage to the fetus during pregnancy, risking birth and life.
  • Smoking can affect the menstruation cycle of the female.
  • In males, it affects the hormone level, and sperm quality and affects sexual performance.  


  • Being overweight for any reason can cause issues such as hormonal imbalance, complications in pregnancy, sperm quality in males, and more.


  • Proper exercise can help you regulate your hormones, manage stress, maintain weight, and many more.
  • Avoid going overboard with exercising as it impacts fertility as well.