Sundari Silks

The brand Sundari Silks, which is in Chennai based, is now expanding its presence in the retail business by opening a new flagship store for its brand in Mumbai. The newly opened store is located in the Vile Parle. The inauguration of the store was done by the Bollywood actress Isha Deol.

The store presents a wide range of collections of weaves from various regions in India, like the pashminas from Kashmir and the kanjivarams from Tamil Nadu.

On the store’s opening, the managing director of Sundari Silks described his feeling by giving a statement on the brand, justifying how proud he is of the brand’s legacy and happy he is for the new milestone.

According to Manmohan Sundari, Silks is more than just a brand. It is a celebration of the rich heritage of Indian textiles. Over the past 80 years, the brand has created products woven with innovation and tradition, resulting in a tapestry of uniquely handcrafted pieces.

Every single one of the sari produced by the brand tells its own story, which is just like a testament to all of the skilled artists who worked hard to create those pieces and poured all of their soul and heart into the creation of all of them the pieces.

As the brand opens its new store, they invite all its consumers to experience India’s textures, colors, and stories through the pieces as they all are wrapped with warmth and cherished by Sundari Silks. The brands have their weaving units in the state of Tamil Nadu.

The brand’s products are sold through all of its flagship stores, and they are also available on its website and a wide range of e-commerce platforms across the country. All the consumers cherish the exception pieces. The opening of the store in Mumbai received a grand opening.

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The actress Esha Deol who was present for the store launch, looked remarkable in an oink-coloured kanjivaram saree by the brand Sundari Silks. She cut the ribbon for the store and marked the beginning of a new chapter for the popular South Indian brand in Mumbai. This store brings a more immersive and expansive shopping experience to its consumers.

The standalone showroom is designed in such a manner that it reflects Indian heritage through its ambience and Chettinad welcome. The store is also living proof of the commitment of the brand to promote and preserve the diverse weaving traditions of India.

The store hosts a huge collection of waves from different regions of India. The store can meet the whole family’s needs with its collection of ethnic pattu paradise for girls, readymade kurtas, shirts, dresses for girls, dhotis for mens, readymade kurtas and salwar kurtas for women.

Sundari Silk is highly popular for its connection with customers and exceptional service. The brand is highly committed to its quality, innovation and authenticity, which are why it is so much loved among customers and in the textile industry. Every single piece of the brand reflects uncompromised craftsmanship and originality.