Indian Premier League

The IPL has gained immense popularity over the years since it was introduced in 2008. And across the past decade, it has brought an immense change in the way modern cricket is played. In this season of the tournament, there is much more in the offering.

Multiple innovations have been added this time in this tournament. The substitute ‘Impact Player’ is being introduced this time to make the T-20 game a twelve-player tournament. But, a team can only add an Indian player as a substitute because more than four international players are not allowed in a team.

An international player can only replace as a substitute if a team has less than four international players in their playing XI. Now the captains are allowed to provide two team sheets during the toss and choose the lineup based on the results of the toss. Both these two sheets can contain a list of four substitutes ‘Impact Players’ but during the game, only one player can be used if needed.

Golden Rules

The former Indian wicketkeeper Deep Dasgupta who analyzed the game from close has told that this time for the beginners, it is a golden rule. Like, players such as Piyush Chawla from  Mumbai Indians or Amit Mishra from Delhi Capitals, may not find agility while fielding or may struggle with batting too. But because leg spin is their main weapon, they can come late during the match, bowl their four overs in the innings, and get replaced by the substitute.

Indian Premier League
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Even international players such as Anrich Nortje who happens to be the pacer from South Africa are currently struggling with his fitness. Such players too can come into the game only to deliver their quota of bowling and then get removed from the field.

No Allrounder

This time it is more flexible and so the teams that do not have players who are all-rounders will no longer struggle. They can use hard-hitting batsmen and then replace them with bowlers. This time the format is similar to having five substitutes as it happens in football. These upgrades are sure to change the dynamics of the tournament, this season. The IPL will surely become more interesting this time and because of more quality support, the matches will have close finishes.

The Toss Will No Longer Be A Prime Factor

Till now the toss has played a major role in T20 cricket because this being a short format of the game gave certain advantages to the teams batting second such as the dew factor during the second half. But this time the teams who will be fielding in the second half can have an extra bowler to back. This will balance the impact of the toss and give equal opportunity to both teams.

But it is undeniable that since it is a short format so quick results are needed to leave an impact on the scoreboard. This puts pressure on the players and makes them more prone to injuries. But on the brighter side, this is an unpredictable format. Even though the weather and pitch conditions can be used as parameters to analyze the performance of a team, the analysis can never be a sure one. Things change very rapidly in this format which makes the game all the more exciting to watch.