Agrikheti, the leading agricultural technology company in India, is embarking on a mission to regenerate the agri value chain by providing innovative solutions to help farmers make informed decisions and achieve sustainability.

“Agriculture is a source of livelihood for fifty-eight percent of people in the country, yet it only contributes to fifteen percent GDP. The problem lies in the agri-value chain. It is not well integrated. Thus, resulting in bringing lesser revenue to all agri-stakeholders,” says the Founder of Agrikheti.

The Mohali-headquartered agri-tech company in India is regenerating the agri value chain by connecting the agricultural community with technology for a prosperous future. The company leverages cutting-edge technologies like IoT, computer vision, and geospatial analysis to help farmers increase crop yield, reduce expenses, make informed decisions, and achieve greater sustainability and profitability.

Agrikheti helps all agri-stakeholders to join hands under one roof and create a strong community. It serves as a one-stop destination for meeting a wide range of agri-business community requirements. It helps the community members save time for business transactions. It uses AI-powered technology, which is backed by blockchain, to deliver effective results and enhance profitability. It makes the whole process of agri-business smooth and responsive.

Agrikheti is an agricultural technology company established to revolutionize the agriculture sector by spawning innovative solutions to tackle agricultural challenges. Presently, Agrikheti is recognized as a distinguished agri-tech institution in India, adding substantial value to the agricultural sector by combining sustainability, innovation, quality, and collaboration.

Agrikheti empowers local farmers through training and development initiatives to tap the unexplored potential and consistency of their agricultural yield. Agrikheti envisions strengthening and continually enhancing the crop yields, pest control, and productivity. It also aims to revolutionize the agricultural supply chain through cost-effectiveness, waste reduction, and swift delivery of high-quality agricultural products to consumers.

The Founder of Agrikheti says, “We are heavily working towards connecting the agricultural community of India with technology. Agrikheti’s data science team is dedicated to developing innovative solutions that address practical agricultural problems daily faced by farmers. Where every other developing nation has already transformed its agri sector, regenerating the agri value chain in India has become the need of the hour. And, we are designing all the essential pathways to contribute to the same.”

Agrikheti, one of India’s leading agri-tech companies, has been harmoniously fusing cutting-edge technology with eco-friendly approaches. The leading agri-tech institution harnesses the power of precision farming techniques, data analytics, and the Internet of Things. It helps fine-tune crop yield, optimize operation efficiency, and deliver an unwavering supply of top-tier agricultural products across the country.

Agrikheti remains committed to a future of limitless possibilities. Be it sustainable farming practices or crop diversification, the agri-tech company is contributing to the prosperity of the Indian agricultural industry in a number of ways. An ecosystem with AI-powered technology, Agrikheti is on a mission to connect the agri community and enable them to execute quick, low-cost, and hassle-free business transactions.