India is under deep pressure because of a rare defeat at one of the test matches. Team player Rahul complained about pain in his right quadriceps, as reported by the news. The England team has lost its two senior members which turned out to be a major shock and setback for all the members. For an older team trying to gain positivity and luck, such a major setback can come as a shock. This can impact the hard work and mental peace of every member.

The players are decided by the selection committee. They decided to put Sarfaraz Khan and Sourabh Kumar in the squad to play further. After Kohli, the most experienced batsman in the Indian cricket team is Rahul. However, his dismissal on the 4th was also disappointing and proved to be a much more dramatic scene.

Other players on the team have shown great temperament. Earlier, Sarfaraz was facing issues related to pace and bounce. His spin-friendly pitch claimed to prove successful for him. If we talk about the replacement of Jadeja, Kuldeep is already on the team to play further. It could be a parallel between the members of the Indian cricket team. However, the team spirit of our members comprises unity and strength which always proved to be their biggest achievement. 

Sarfaraz Khan To Be Preferred Over Rajat Patidar: India Vs England

Up until now, all t-test matches have been lucky for our all-rounder Sundar. He has a batting average more than the other members of the team. In cricket dynamics, there are different sets of rules and bounds that should be followed. The coaches are there to support and help whenever the players need guidance. Kuldeep tends to deliver better in stressful situations. Therefore, if they want to play the spin card, better go for him in the long run.