Ira Khan

The date of Aamir khan’s daughter Ira Khan’s wedding has been made public by actor Aamir Khan. The event will happen in the next year, according to Aamir in an interview with News18 India. He also mentioned that he anticipates crying a lot, which has alarmed his family. Nupur Shikhare, a prominent fitness trainer who is engaged to Ira Khan, received appreciation from Aamir for how he helped her through her sadness.

Ira is getting married on January 3, according to Aamir. She has picked out a lad named Nupur who goes by the nickname Popeye and is a trainer. Popeye is his pet name, and he has arms that resemble Popeye. He is a nice young man. Ira was with her when he was struggling with despair. He is actually someone who has helped her emotionally and stood by her. I’m glad she chose a boy like him because they seem to be having a great time together. They are incredibly bonded, and they genuinely care about and look out for one another.

He continued, “This may sound like a conversation from a movie, but I feel that Nupur is like a son. Since Nupur is such a nice youngster, we genuinely feel that he belongs in our family, and his mother, Pritam ji, is already one of us.

Uss din main bahut rone waala hoon yeh toh tay hai (I am going to be very emotional, I’m going to cry a lot that day, that much is certain), his brother stated that Aamir ko sambaalna uss din (taking care of Aamir that day) will be difficult. This has already been discussed in the family as he is feeling quite upset. Both his smile and tears are out of control.”