Harmanpreet Singh

The captain of the Indian hockey team, Harmanpreet Singh, shares his views on working under new coach Craig Fulton and on the debacle of the penalty corner conundrum.

As the Indian men’s hockey team has recently appointed a new head coach, Craig Fulton, they are also entering their new era, and there is a lot of excitement among all of the players in the team.

The year for the Indian hockey team began with a little bit of disappointment at the Hockey World Cup in India, where the team faced a drastic departure at the hands of the team of New Zealand.

Moreover, Harmanpreet Singh, the captain of the Indian hockey team, has also been in great form as he is moving towards the tournament also faced different outings in the attacks of India and also lost a lot of opportunities in the match against New Zealand, which has been described as a do a die match.

But the Indian hockey team had a terrific comeback as their first step towards moving on from the debacle that happened at the world cup in their Pro Leaguein  March, and as the Indian Hockey Team is beginning their journey under the new coach Fulton in the European part of the pro-league later on this month.

When the captain was asked about how many meetings they have had with their new coach, he replied that yes, they have met their coach, and since they have been assigned t a new coach, they have had two sessions with him, and both of the sessions have been good. 

There are no major changes in the planning for the upcoming matches, so overall, it’s a nice experience. The whole team knows how we analyse and with his thought process. Both sides are working together to adjust things accordingly.

The captain was also asked questions related to their performance and how important their performance was in the Pro League match after the debacle that happened at the world cup.

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To this, he replied that it was really very important when you do certain things then, and when you do not get the result, you always think about what went wrong and the reason behind that performance. 

But making that comeback was very important for me for the whole team, and they are very happy with their performance as it went well. He also added a few words about his performance at the world cup.

He stated that there aren’t big mistakes if we talk about playing as a team. We played with full enthusiasm for every match we played, and we created the most opportunities, whether penalty corners or other circle entries. But according to the captain, the execution of the performances could have been better.

The conversion rate of the team could have been higher. It can also be considered the main reason why we will not be able to succeed in the world cup as a team. he also considered that the team’s finishing could have been better.

Still, the team has been working on it, and as a team, they have improved certain qualities in the later opportunities they got at the Pro League match.