Tejas Networks

There was a change in the Indian stock market on Thursday. The market saw some recovery as Sensex rose by around 150 points. On the other hand, Nifty closed above 19,400 that day. 

While some stocks were bought in the Indian market, some were sold. Stocks in the fields of banking, real estate, IT, and metal were bought. On the other hand, stocks in the public, authority, and services sectors were sold.

Stocks of popular brands like Tanla Platforms, Zomato, and Tejas Networks were the most bought stocks on the day. While the value of Tanla Platforms increased by 4%, Zomato saw a rise of around 6%. 

However, Tejas Networks experienced the highest increase in value on Thursday. According to reports, Tejas Networks’ value increased by around 11%. It was a new 52-week high for the company. 

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The top three brands that saw a rise

The top three brands that saw a rise in their stock value this week are Zomato, Tanla Platforms, and Tejas Networks. According to some reports, the popular food delivery brand Zomato was experiencing a loss since November 2021. 

However, this year analysts predicted that the brand might experience a reversal in its stock value. Thankfully, the prediction was true as Zomato did experience a palpable rise in its stock value. 

On the other hand, Tanla Platforms was forming a base for its rise since July 2022. As a result, the brand was victorious in reaching new heights of success in July 2023. 

Similar to Zomato and Tanla Platforms, Tejas Networks also saw a rise in its stock value. Even though the company was doing very well since the previous year, a jump this high was not expected. How these companies perform in the upcoming financial year remains to be seen.