Aviacons Introduces Pilot Training Solutions

Aviacons, the leading pilot training services company in India, is thrilled to announce its commitment to providing professional world-class aviation training solutions to all student pilots, professional pilots, and all other aviation industry enthusiasts across India. 

With the focus on comprehensive aviation education and training, Aviacons stands out in the industry with its industryleading faculty, state-of-the-art facilities, world-class pilot training at highly affordable prices, wi-fi campus, personalized teaching approach for knowledge-based training, proven ground school program, effective and comprehensive instructor to student ratio, multi-disciplinary industry-leading aviation courses, and a curriculum specially designed to meet the evolving demands of this dynamic industry. 

As a highly acclaimed company, Aviacons specializes in delivering world-class aviation training programs to professional pilots, aspiring pilots, and aviation professionals. With a strong emphasis on industry exposure and practical knowledge, this Telangana-based aviation training institute equips students with all the necessary skills to excel in their aviation careers.

Located in Hyderabad, Telangana, Aviacons has successfully produced more than 1,500 professional pilots till now. With more than 15 years of experience, 60,000+ training hours, and 60+ clients, Aviacons offers one of the best training environments for any pilot to be. Aviacons is backed up by the most experienced professionals in theoretical training, pilot training, finance & business operations in the GA sector & airline. 

With the main vision of strengthening and progressively attaining the highest standards in aviation training, Aviacons strives to bridge the gap between supply and demand of skilled aviation professionals by introducing several professional aviation courses by collaborating with globally reputed institutions and ATOs.

Aviacons offers a wide range of courses and services divided into four broad categories, namely ground school, flight school, communication school, and graduate school. The institute offers various classes, courses, and training under these schools, including PPL ground classes, ATPL ground classes, Aviation foundation, Private pilot license, commercial pilot license, SEP/MEP, instructor rating, A320 type rating, RTR classes, AELP testing, recurrent training, BSc Aeronautics, graduate certificate in aviation management, airport management, applied finance, and many more. 

Where every developing nation has changed its aviation training rules from time to time, the aviation sector in India is still operating with the rules made in the year 1937. Because of the heavy deficiencies in the Civil Aviation Regulations about the pilots’ training, Aviacons experienced a gradual ascent. The company works heavily towards contributing a professional training system to the aviation industry. 

“Aviacons is designing all the required pathways to contribute to the needs of today’s fast-growing aviation industry,” says the founder and director of Aviacons.

“With the need for new generation talents in aviation continuing, a well-devised and collectively agreed solution needs to be put in place,” adds the founder and director of Aviacons, Captain Shahinsha SK. “With the aviation industry experiencing rapid growth, there is an ever-growing demand for well-trained pilots to ensure seamless travel experiences. Aviacons shows students the thrilling world of aviation and helps them embark on successful careers in this dynamic field.”