Adipurush, the quite-predicted film based on the Hindu epic Ramayana, is embroiled in controversy over its dialogues and photos. Director Om Raut has announced that he’s willing to make changes to the film, which stars Prabhas as Lord Ram and Saif Ali Khan as demon king Ravana.

The controversy began after the trailer of the film become released, which featured Saif Ali Khan’s man or woman waging a war against Lord Ram’s military and calling himself a “Raavan-worshipping atheist”. Many humans on social media accused the film of hurting their non-secular sentiments and disrespecting Lord Ram. The hashtag #BoycottAdipurush started trending on Twitter, with some customers disturbing a ban on the film.

The controversy deepened when some stills from the movie have been leaked online, which showed Saif Ali Khan’s individual with sharp, prosthetic tusks that many humans felt resembled the ones worn by the demon king Ravana in the Ramlila performances. This led to accusations of cultural appropriation and stereotyping.

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Director Om Raut has come forward to deal with the talk, stating that he’s open to making changes to the movie. He said in an announcement, “Our film Adipurush is a piece of fiction this is inspired by way of the Indian epic Ramayana. The trailer has acquired an exquisite reaction and we are thankful to the audience for their love and interest. However, we apprehend that a number of the scenes and dialogues have harmed the feelings of a phase of human beings. As a responsible filmmaker, I would like to guarantee everyone that I will take all important steps to rectify this and make certain that the film’s content material is respectful and appropriate.”

Raut has additionally advised his group to get rid of the prosthetic tusks from Saif Ali Khan’s person, saying that they had been intended to be a “stylized interpretation” of Ravana’s features and not to offend anybody.

The controversy surrounding Adipurush is yet another example of the way movies based totally on faith and mythology frequently end up mired in debates around interpretation, depiction, and sensitivities. It stays to be visible how the adjustments made by using the director will be obtained by way of the target audience and whether or not they may be sufficient to pacify the critics.