According to an article published in The Times Of India, poor Vastu settings in the house have the capacity of affecting health in a major way. An English saying that goes around stating the environment is more powerful than willpower fits well with Vastu. Home happens to be the place where a person spends most of his life, in fact, half the life to be precise is spent at home and it has the power to impact the physical health, emotional health, and mental health of a person too.

According to Manoj Srivastava who happens to be a Vastu Acharya if wrong activities are undergone in the wrong direction, it surely leads to affecting the health of the residents of a house. Here are a few of them:

Plan Of The Kitchen Determines The Health

They say a kitchen is the engine of the house and so the way you plan and design a kitchen is very important because it has the capacity to have an effect on health. If you have made the kitchen on the Southwest side a female may have issues with gynecology or with legs. If the Kitchen faces either the East or Southeast direction then one or more members of the family may face obesity issues.

The Role Of Colors

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Colors too play a very important role in the health of the residents in a house. This is why people look at various factors while choosing the color of the rooms. If you paint the Northeast sector of your house in either purple or red, it may cause you frequent issues with migraines or headaches. These colors are said to have a negative impact on the Northeast side of the house.

Things And Their Placement Matters

What are the things that you are including in your house and where you are placing them plays a very important role in the Vastu of the house too. Manoj Srivastava further says that when you place different objects in a particular direction in the house it leaves an impact on health. When you place a septic tank in the center of the house, it either causes drug addiction or depression. If you keep a dustbin in the southeast or east region of the house it leads to liver issues with time. 

Dampness Or Clutter Can Also Make A Person Sick

When you have seepage or clutter in the house it majorly affects the health of the residents. Seepage, dampness in the walls, or cracks in the ceilings and the walls are a few of the prime indicators that lead to frequent health issues. It attacks the most vulnerable member of th house. So, if anyone in the house is having trouble with a major issue in health then it is important to get these things rectified in the house.

Turn Off The Electronics

Although gadgets play a crucial role in our lives but, it also causes potential health threats too. The EMF radiations from it affect both the health and mind severely. It is not possible to keep the gadgets off during the day but at night or while sleeping it I important to switch off mobile phones and keep them away from the body. Wifi routers must not be installed in the bedroom and they should be switched off at night. And also switch off the television from the mains while sleeping at the night.