Real Estate Proprietor

Bombay High court penned a new order on a case from the world of real estate as the proprietor of Yash Builders was sent to jail for three months in a civil matter. The whole case was about Paras Dedhia who is the sole owner of Yash Builders. The original tenants claimed that during a period of almost a decade, Dedhiya was not able to provide them with rebuilt housing and transit rent which totalled to cores of rupees in money.

The court got angry when Dedhia ignored several summons and was absent for hearing on several dates. In addition to this he also violated a Non Bailable warrant and many previous orders related to redevelopment projects from about a decade ago in the Chembur Govandi area of Mumbai.

The day court ordered this civil imprisonment Dedhia was present in the court and hence the court also remarked that despite such blatant disrespect shown by the real estate proprietor to the High Court and the orders of the High court, the court was yet to hear any apology from his side.  Not only the court not receive an apology but even an explanation was also absent from the side of the real estate proprietor. Therefore, Dedhia made no attempts to redeem himself.

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The court was furious and remarked that if such blatant misconduct and disrespect shown to a court of law in the country was not dealt with using a firm hand it would serve as a bad precedent in the eyes of the people of this country, The court said that it would lower the majesty and respect that the court held in the country and remove the faith the people had in the judicial institution of this country and the rule of law.

The court said that this disrespect and disregard for the authority of the rule of law and the courts of this country was deliberate from the side of Dedhia. The court also highlighted how the orders given by the court earlier and Dedhia’s response to them are a blatant testimony to this wilful misconduct by the real estate proprietor and add to the disrespect shown to the court.

The court receiver however presented his statement and said that that possession of land for B wing of the project has been marked by tin sheets in the financial capital of the country at Arjun Gawand Estate, Sion Trombay Road. The court accepted this report and told the parties to file a response for the same by the next hearing date which is April 10.