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In recognition of the growing NRI population and the unique challenges faced by children living abroad, PsychiCare, a leading provider of online child mental health counseling, today announced the expansion of its services to include online child counseling specifically tailored for NRI families.

“Understanding the specific needs of children growing up in a foreign country is crucial for their emotional and mental well-being,” said Aakanksha Kapoor, CEO of PsychiCare. “Our online child counseling services are designed to provide culturally sensitive and age-appropriate support to NRI children, helping them navigate the challenges of cultural adjustment, language barriers, and social isolation.”

PsychiCare’s online child counseling services for NRI families will offer a range of benefits, including:

  • NRI parents can schedule consultations and counseling sessions for their children from anywhere in the world, at a time that suits their family’s schedule.
  • PsychiCare’s counselors are trained to understand the unique cultural context and challenges faced by NRI children, ensuring that their approach is culturally sensitive and relevant.
  • PsychiCare’s counselors are trained to tailor their approach to the developmental needs of children, using various techniques such as play therapy, art therapy, and cognitive-behavioral therapy (CBT).

Parent involvement and support: PsychiCare encourages and facilitates parent involvement in the counseling process, providing guidance and support to parents as they help their children navigate their challenges.

“Mental health is an integral part of a child’s overall well-being, and our online counseling services can play a vital role in supporting NRI children’s emotional and mental growth,” said Aakanksha Kapoor. “We believe that providing culturally sensitive and accessible care can make a significant difference in the lives of NRI children and their families.”

PsychiCare’s online child counseling services for NRI families are available worldwide. Parents can contact PsychiCare to schedule a consultation for their child or learn more about the services offered.

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PsychiCare is a leading provider of online mental health counseling, dedicated to making mental health care accessible and affordable for everyone. The company offers a wide range of counseling services, including individual counseling, family counseling, and group counseling. PsychiCare’s team of licensed and experienced counselors is trained to provide culturally sensitive and language-appropriate care.

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