ZEWAY Mobility

Lucknow, September 5: ZEWAY Mobility – A new age & vibrant EV Infrastructure Startup, dedicated in building a sustainable & accessible infra to all EV environment, is tirelessly creating an ecosystem, wherein it is working to provide E-scooter ride sharing & EV charging solutions.

ZEWAY is continuously exploring the opportunities to make EV adaptability a way of life and looking forward to platforms & partnerships to showcase its vision. The vision of ZEWAY has got encouragement & support from NITI Ayog, Startup India, StartIn UP, RMI India, Navachar Incubator (AKTU University) to name a few & it has been a regular feature at the prominent industry events & forums which talk of “EV”.

We at ZEWAY are trilled to announce that we have just entered the Lucknow Market and establish the EV Charging station at Nishatganj, Lucknow. This Electric car charging station in Lucknow is to focus on building a convenient and reliable public charging network that can build public confidence. It will fill gaps in hard-to-reach locations which will directly respond to charging where citizens who want to buy Electric Vehicles will be encouraged by the convenient availability of EV stations. Zeway is planning for making Lucknow pollution free by encouraging them to buy EVs as more charging stations would be there to help them. ZEWAY is also planning to deploy 100 more such EV charging station inside the Lucknow city to cater EV ecosystem.

ZEWAY Mobility - electric vehicle charging station

ZEWAY Mobility understands that without robust EV charging hubs it is not possible to push people to leave petrol-based scooters and cars. To join the EV revolution in India and tap the potential of inducing a cleaner and greener environment, the company is inviting various business owners and independent entrepreneurs to install EV charging hubs.

ZEWAY Mobility brings its experience and expertise for you to invest in this sunrise sector. Interested in our consultancy and technology edge?  Join us to make India’s airspace healthier.