A Comprehensive Guide To Protect Yourself Against Scams-UPI Edition

We have seen a lot of people engaged in scams and online frauds. The majority of these happen in an online mode. People are involved in activities that fall under the cybercrime issues according to the laws. They invade privacy, interfere with matters of legality, and fraud other people for their selfish benefit.

Such scams are most likely to happen where payments are involved. Scammers try to hack and sink into the account balances of people and take away their money by illegal means. It is important to keep yourself safe from these online crimes. To protect your finances and other important resources, it is advised to keep track of your transactions.

A Comprehensive Guide To Protect Yourself Against Scams-UPI Edition

Here are a few steps with which you can ensure safety and security –

Always create a pin. This pin should only be known to you or should be written somewhere safe for backup. Set a strong password so that people cannot guess your PIN at any point in time. This should be done with bank ATM cards as well as your phone payment applications.

Cross-check the payment whenever you are doing any kind of transaction

Before sending, read the name and other details twice. Make sure you are sending the money to the right person and make sure you are aware of their important details.

Take a screenshot to ensure safety and security from your side. There are many scammers and fraud people who try to cheat. You should always have proof of your side of the payment to ensure protection.

Do not download apps that are strange and from third parties. This would increase the risk of viruses from getting inside your device. Such apps can cause hindrance in your device’s functioning and result in a scam activity or a hack crime.